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Under the Iron Bridge
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Since the other Smiths community seems to have eaten itself, I've made a new one. Please post all your Smiths/Morrissey related stuff here. If you have large/many pictures that you want to post, please use lj-cut. If you don't know how to do that, here's a quick run-through:

type < lj - cut text = "whatevertextyouwant" > (remove all spaces EXCEPT the one between 'cut' & 'text')

Paste your picture codes here...

close your post with:
< / lj - cut > (no spaces)

Hopefully that makes sense :)

I don't like nazi-mods with lots of rules, so I don't really have many...just try not to be brats to one another. Play nice, mm-kay? If the need arises for people to bitch at each other, at least do it in a way that's entertaining for all to read ~_^

There are only 2 things I feel really strongly about that will make smoke come out of my ears and those are homophobic/anti gay language and TyPiNg LiKe ThIs. Seriously, that's so damn annoying.

I lerve colourbars!

The Smiths are Love

Morrissey and Johnny are love

Morrissey is Beautiful Love

Johnny Marr is Guitar God Love

Have fun and promote us too! :)